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Here is a brief idea about each of the major projects created since 1998.

Just touch any of the boxes and a description pops up leading you somewhere!!! :)

2018 KMAC-K&G - HORIZONTAL (main) copy.p


K&G was created in 2001 as the main musical brand of Kamal Musallam Arts Contracting (KMAC) aimed at releasing records regionally and internationally and developing artistic and cultural projects with both artists and organisations from a variety of musical backgrounds and traditions.

EASTMANIA - LOGO 1-D - Aug 2018 copy.png


EastMania is an adventure aiming to revive the musical traditions of The Silk Road cultures and to highlight their historical connections with the Middle East, and how they both exchanged with the Western world. EastMania uses the “Stage” as its meeting platform, and uses “Music” as its universal language for a more global yet deeper understanding. 



Homemade In Rome reflects the saying "All roads lead to Rome".. a concept of a homemade musical recording by a group of friends who eventually met up in Rome and decided to document their social, ethnic and urban interaction with this heart felt album..very raw, yet delicious as everything Italian is.

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SEA OF STRINGS (as Lord Of The Rings) BL


Sea Of Strings is Unique collaboration between Jason Carter (harp guitarist), Dominic Miller (long time guitarist of Sting) and Kamal Musallam (Fusion guitarist) expanding the potentials of their acoustic instruments into vast sonic horizons with etherial effects, dreamy yet "almost magical" atmospheres. An endless journey through a sea of strings

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2015.11.02-WPT-LOGO IDEA 1-B-modified-CR


The World Peace Trio bridges the divide. Indonesian piano maestro Dwiki Dharmawan, oud star Kamal Musallam and woodwind virtuoso Gilad Atzmon have united to give beauty a new transforming meaning. Three world class musicians have united to make peace and harmony into a new poetic reality and totally new sound

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LULU LOGO 1 cropped copy.gif


Lulu Project is the story of a tribe crossing the vast and endless deserts told in music and dance featuring a melodic fusion of Emirati music, rhythms of the Arabian Peninsula and poetry..all beautifully fused with Jazz, Rock and other Middle-Eastern musical influences.

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KM signature - no frame RGB copy.png


KAMMOULI  is the visual arts brand of Kamal Musallam, introducing his illustration works, paintings, sculptures and digital art,

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EastMania Productions is the record label and Management agency for EastMania and several other World Music artists and projects across Asia.

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